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The Private World of Kenneth Williams – Kenneth Williams – Audio Book

February 25, 2007

The Private World of Kenneth Williams – Kenneth Williams : Whether he was a sad, self-obsessed man or a tortured comic genius, Williams had a unique talent. Yet his hugely successful career in theatre, film, radio and television often seems at odds with his stated loathing of himself, his work and those around him.

Benson’s portrayal of this sensitive and secretive man reveals Williams’ predictable poisonous lows as well as his lesser-known emotional highs. With even more readings and clips than originally transmitted – from Round the Horne , Beyond Our Ken and others
– this portrait of the much-loved comedy actor succeeds in making a very private world
a little more public.

For a very long time I always thought that Kenneth William was certainly very boring in his private life. This audio book made me change my opinion.If you want to listen to a really good story this one is for you!