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Miracle in the Andes – Nando Parrado – Audio Book

March 2, 2007

Miracle in the Andes – Nando Parrado : On 13 October 1972, the members of a top Uruguayan rugby team were flying over the Andes to play in Chile. Their plane crashed into a mountain and was stranded 11, 000 feet up on an inhospitable glacier.

Many died instantly in the crash, including the person sitting next to Nando , but others survived. They had almost no food or suitable equipment to withstand temperatures as low as -35C, and had to eat the bodies of their dead team-mates to survive. With the prospect only of a slow death, and no rescue likely, Nando and one of his friends set off on an impossiblejourney, walking and climbing for ten days in search of help. Finally, after 72 days, the 16 survivors were brought to safety.

It looks like the “Radeau de la M├ęduse” with all the horror which it implies, but the will to survive and to try to save the survivors whatever the price is is splendidly explained in this audio book. Extremely moving.


Chile and Argentina – Mark Szuchman – Audio Book

February 14, 2007

Chile and Argentina – Mark Szuchman :

The World’s Political Hot Spots series explains the basis of conflicts in ome of the world’s most politically sensitive areas. Many of these regions re in today’s headlines, and tensions recently have become violent in virtually ll of them. Each presentation covers up to ten centuries of background, evealing how and why today’s problems occur.

The “southern cone” of South America has a vibrant yet checkered history. rgentina in 1920 was a productive and wealthy nation, yet by the 1980s as reduced to virtual third world status. Chile has a long history of internal strife, usually with representative politics until authoritarians seized power in 1973. Chile was influenced by Spanish conquerors; Argentina’s Italian and German immigrants made it the most “European” of any South American country.

In the audio book Chile and Argentina, Mark Szuchman explains with a great skill all events which happened in those two countries and I recommend this audio book for those interested in knowing more about those two fascinating countries.